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Multiple database sources in Detail of a report

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In the past I have normally used detail from a single database. Now i
would like to use data from more than one database (same type=SQLite).
Can I simply:

- set up a query with calculated fields (values derived from the other
database in code), that I assign in the On Calc event in Delphi
- attach the query to a DBPipeLine and the pipleline to the report
- just drop the fields onto the detail report

If something like that works, great. otherwise I may need to create a
temporary table using data from 2 databases.

Using XE2 and RB14. Thanks.

Scott Stalheim


  • edited June 2013
    Hi Scott,

    A report is designed to traverse a single dataset only (showing this
    data inside the Detail band).

    If you need to traverse multiple datasets in the same report, you will
    need to create subreports and connect their pipelines to those reports.
    Each report/subreport can be connected to a single pipeline/dataset.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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