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Report/pipeline/print problem

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We're on Win7, using Delphi2010 with IBObjects 1.4.9 and ReportBuilder
12.04. Our application has some 250 reports (TppReport) defined; and an
IBOTDataset connection with connection counts (at time of problem) of
_DatasetCount=3205 and _ConnectionLinkCount of 3220.

The latest report I defined is behaving badly. The report is set to
Screen output, which calls up the RBuilder Previewer. When .Print is
called, the previewer comes up, but it's "grey" -- as if the process was
hung somewhere. In debug mode, I can verify that the driving query is
active and has a resultset, but the pipeline is not "doing its thing" of
feeding the resultset to the report. Weirder still, if I hit the
Previewer's "Print" button, and OK on the standard Print dialog that
pops up, I first get an Access Violation error; then the report
(usually) prints out to my default printer, and looks fine -- as
designed, in other words. I'm thinking the symptoms indicate something
stomping on memory, but it's nowhere that I can easily touch in the

The typical data chain for all the reports (all of which seem to be
working fine) is:

TIBOQuery (IBO's TQuery

Anybody have any insight, or past experience with this or a similar problem?


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    Hi Lane,

    Below is a copy of my response to your thread on the ThirdParty.General
    Embarcadero newsgroup.


    My first suggestion would be to upgrade your version of ReportBuilder to
    12.05. This is a free upgrade for all registered RB 12 users. Contact
    info@digital-metaphors.com with your serial number for upgrade instructions.

    Next, try creating a minimal report (no data, only text) and see if that
    will run correctly with your application. If so, try adding a single
    data field to this simple report and try again.

    If the above functions correctly, it may be an issue with the new report
    you created. Try simplifying the new report (periodically remove event
    code, subreports, groups, stretchables) and see if you can isolate the

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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