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"Distinct" disapears between RB9 and RB12.05

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We have reports that worked in RB9 that don't work anymore sinds we upgraded
to 12.05. We don't get distinct data anymore.

The queries were simple, and always seamed to include a "distinct"
With 12.05 we now get multiple records out.


Main pipeline on table "Jobs", field "Department". Group by "Department".
We only get distinct data, for example, deplartments A,B,C.

When adding another pipeline on "Job + Employees", we select the Job-->
Department field to link, and the employee's name for example, and group by
Jobs-->Department, name.

Preview this on it's own, we get all employees once.

Link those 2 pipelines together on "Department", we see in the preview that
the first pipeline still give back A, B, C, but the second will return all
employee names as many times as the values A, B and C exist in the database.

So if we have 10 Jobs in Department A, the employees of department A will
all be displayed 10 times.

Like the distinct is executed in the main pipeline, but lost during linking.

Is this normal behavior?
How can we avoid that in RB12.05?

Chantal Marchand
People Inc.


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    If possible try downloading a trial version of RB 14 and perform the same
    test. If not perhaps you can provide an example using a small sample
    database or the DBDemos data that I can build and run here. IF so please
    send to support@ in zip format.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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