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Unidirectional DB?

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I will be converting from Paradox/BDE to SQLite database(Delphi XE2,RB
14.05). My project now has many RB reports created simply by dropping a
ppReport and a ppBDEPipeline on a form and dropping data fields etc. on
the form.

1. I read somewhere that the "usual way" does not work with
unidirectional datasets. What are the steps to make it work? Any
examples or documents? Can I use TSimpleDataSet or do I need to use
TCLientDataSet in Delphi? Use JIT pipeline or DB pipeline?

2. I have many end-user reports which are saved and emailed back and
forth, allowing end users the opportunity to modify or design their own
new reports. Any special issues for them accessing the data in the
unidirectional dataset?

Scott Stalheim


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    Hi Scott,

    You are correct, unidirectional datasets are not directly supported with

    You will need to use a client dataset or another in-memory dataset to
    traverse the unidirectional dataset first, then connect that dataset up
    to the report datapipeline.

    As long as you have separated the unidirectional datasets from
    ReportBuilder there should be no problem allowing your users to
    edit/create their own reports.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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