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I have Master and detail pipelines that are inherited from custompipeline.
On the changerecordposition of the master, it set the data in the detail
pipeline. This seem to work fine.
The master pipe is a list of objects and the these objects a have a list
of objects which make up the detail.

But now on the detail pipe I would like to filter some data via search
criteria setup form with in the report.

Perhaps using CreateAutoSearchCriteria

I have look at the Auto search demo's but they are all related to the SQL DB's

Any Ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Kevin,

    A datapipeline is simply a way to connect data to a report. It is not
    the data itself.

    The AutoSearch feature is designed to alter the underlying dataset so
    filtered data is sent to the report.

    I'm going to need more information about your application to help much
    further. Since you are using custom datapipelines you are either
    manually accessing a database or the data resides in a separate
    structure. Either way, if you wish to use AutoSearch, you would need to
    access it manually and alter the data sent the report manually as well
    based on its property values.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    ?HI Nico

    The user will select the master data this is then loaded in the master pipe.

    The master data is an object the has a list of children so as the master
    data record is changed the detail pipe is populated with the list from the
    master. Now I would like to filter the detail pipe to only display the
    some of the child items at report time.

    What I have been think of is if I set up a autosearchdlg and then set the
    values to the detail pipe if required in GetAutoSearchValues.
    Do you think this would work?

    I have just started look at the customautosearchdlg but did not seem to be
    getting it come up.

    I will try and simplify my project for you to have a look But will only do
    this when I am in the office Monday

    --- posted by geoForum on http://www.newswhat.com
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