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Subreport showing only one record

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I've had this problem before and can't seem to get it figured out this time:

My subreport is only showing one record for a particular order and there
should be 3 recs.
I have checked out the query in WISQL and all looks fine - I get 3 recs.

Can anyone throw some clues at me? What property(s) did I miss?



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    Most common cause is that the childreport is not connected to the
    datapipeline. To check this, access the design workspace for the
    subreport and select the Report | Data menu option.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately this is not the case-
    all looks ok in the Report | Data menu.

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    Not sure why, I just deleted the drill down subreport and query feeding it,
    added the query back, got the report going in master-detail mode and then
    moved the detail to a drill-down.

    Seemed like rehooking all back up fixed the problem(?).

    Life is good again!

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