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  • Thank you!

    The property is indeed "true". I also found the cause in my code:
    After this line :

    rep.XLSSettings.OpenXLSFile := true ;

    The property openfile is changed.
    (rep.openfile = true.)

  • I ""solved" the problem, but I am confused...
    This is what happends:

    Directly after creating the datamodule, I give it another (random) name, and then the problem is solved.

    But, If i do not give it another name, De…
  • Hi Nico,

    Thank you for your quick response.

    If I put a breakepoint in the procedure, alle the variables have the right values. But after the call "report.print", I jump to the breakpoint of the JIT-pipeline, and all of the sudd…
  • Hi Nico,

    Thank you for your reply. That was helpful.
    I found some diffences in the Library Paths between 32 and 64 bit.

    In the 64bit configuration, I see the path

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22…
  • Hi Nico,
    I added the code before loading the report, and also in the routine where I set some pdf-settings, and now it works fine!
    Thank you for your help,
    kind regards,
  • Thank you for your respons. I added that line of code before the line "report.print", and that did not help.

    Maybe that is too late? Should I add that line of code before or right after loading the report template?

    I will do so…
    --> switching the region-settings of the user to Dutch solved it,
    HOw is this possible all of the sudden??
    This was never a problem, and the software did not change! Any ideas ??

  • maybe I have something:
    If I open the files in Notepad++ i do see some differences:
    For example, the line "9 0 obj ["

    The empty PDF: 750.0 750.0 278.0 278.0 355.0 556.0 556 .....
    The other : 750,0 750,0 278…
  • Hi Nico,
    which emailadres should I use?
    kind regards


    ps : it is even getting stranger: I now have 2 pdf's opened in Notepad the *only* difference is creation/CreationDate
    If I open them in Chroome: the fir…
  • Last test-results:
    It seems to depend on the (windows) user.
    They all log in on the same rdp server, so they use the exactly the same sofware.
    (We even restarted the server to make sure averything is exact the same. )
  • I just did a new test:
    - latest version of ReportBuilder
    - I added the lines you suggested
    - I made a new report with only 1 label on it
    ---> The pdf is empty

    any idea??
  • Maybe this additional information helps?

    The document generated by the pdf-printer is OK and starts with :


    4 0 obj
    5 0 obj
  • Hi Nico,
    Thank you for you reply.
    The strange thing is, I just got a phone call from a (old) customer where also the generated pdf's are all empty! Nothing changed (no software update). They use the software many years without problems.<…
  • Thank you, it works now !
    kind regards,
  • See this recording :
    kind regards,
    Dirk Janssens.
  • The same behaviour is seen designtime in the reportdsigner. Changing fontstyle +/- bold changes the position of labels. Is this a bug ?
  • After some more testing, I noticed that a difference between the report that crash and the others, is that there is a lot of binary data in the PrinterSetup.DevMode :
    PrinterSetup.DevMode = {
  • Hi Nico,

    It is very hard to reproduce. It seems to be a combination of things.
    The most 'promising' hint is : as soon as I Open Edge, while the report is beïng generated, big cahnce I get the error ( "Access violoation in ucrtbase.d…
  • Just one more question:
    I now have some useless data in my table. Is it somehow possible to convert the data that is stored as Unicode back to Ansi-string ?
  • Hi Nico

    Thank you for your reply. It makes sence, and will probably do the trick,
    but I already found an other solution :

    In stead of

    "QFaktuurArchiefInsert.ParamByName('Bestand' ).AsBlob := buff;"

  • thanx, that was it !
  • Thank you Nico , very helpful.
    Just wondering : using the "page layer solution":
    How can I prevent that the detail-band prints over het 'signature' in the case the last page has a lot of detail-bands filling the page ?
  • Hello Nico,

    I use version 17.01 Build 65, in Delphi 2007

    The component in the detailband is a TDBMemo.
    in some (rare) cases, the next record prints on top of the last line of the previous, like :

  • Thank you Nard,
    I have found a work around by putting it all in a VCL form application, which responds to database-events, triggered by the Rest-server.
    Maybe later I will try your solution, but for now I am fine,