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ReportBuilder StandardThe Server Edition makes it easy to create and deploy report applications to the web.

Using basic component configuration you can get a Windows service-based report server application up and running, a web application up and running, and have users previewing reports in a web browser in no time. And you can do it all without having to master multi-threaded programming, Windows Services, Windows Sockets, Windows System Tray applications, COM, I/O Completion Ports/Worker Thread Pools, XML, SOAP Services, ISAPI Thread Pools, XHTML, or JavaScript.

The Server Edition currently includes a single developer license for ReportBuilder Server and a single developer license to ReportBuilder Enterprise. Also included is a Server Deployment license for a single CPU. This enables you to install a report server solution to a single CPU machine.  Thus to deploy a server solution to a dual processor machine requires two deployment licenses. A report server can support as many clients as the hardware will allow. In summary, the licensing is per server CPU, not per client seat.

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Report Server
Serve report content over the web via a multi-threaded Windows Service
Provide a list of available reports in a folder tree structure
Send and receive search criteria for a given report
Web Tier
Publish reports as XHTML to web browser clients
Build ISAPI, ASP, Apache web applications
Customize the generated XHTML and JavaScript framework
Client Support
Web: Select available reports, enter search criteria and preview report content
Thin Client: Use the standard ReportBuilder UI to access server-based reports from within a Delphi application

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