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ReportBuilder 10 is fully featured State-of-the-Art product! The massive focus on the (End) User Experience is not just appreciated by us, but most certainly by our own customers. Keep up the good work! - j.n.

Just thought I'd say, "wow". 10 looks fantastic. Congrats to all of you.
- r.l.

I am using BDS 2006 Enterprise and RB 10 Professional. The new interface is great. Thanks for a great upgrade! - t.d.

I am amazed and pleased you were able to provide a solution so quickly and especially on a Saturday. It is a testament to the wonderful customer and technical support provided by you and others at Digital Metaphors.  If only other companies could be equally responsive..... - t.j.m.

To Digital Metaphors I have had ReportBuilder since it was first created--over 10 years ago - and have never had to rewrite my reports. I've always learned a lot from reading the code structure behind ReportBuilder. They've been there a long time and I anticipate that to continue to be true. - e.d.

I am also a happy ReportBuilder user and have been for a long time. - j.k.

I have been a user for a number of years now, and never miss a chance to recommend it to other Delphi developers. - r.c.

I will upgrade because I need a guy like Nard behind the product.  It's worth it to me to have someone like him working on the product. - kevin

The quite long history has (at least for me) proven that DM is one of the best partners one can work with. - j.n.

I have demonstrated ReportBuilder to my members in my user groups and everyone was floored by it's ease of use and short learning curve. I would strongly recommend ReportBuilder as your reporting tool. 

ReportBuilder is the most powerful Delphi report writer available on the market, hands down.
- Tim Sullivan. Delphi Informant, September 2000. 

I have looked at a lot of reporting tools and none of them compare with ReportBuilder.
- Bill Todd. Delphi Informant, March 1999.

Report Builder Pro is a tremendous product. Clearly the choice reporting tool for developers.
- Xavier Pacheco, Co-author of the Borland Delphi Developer's Guide Series.

ReportBuilder Rocks. I'm happy to report <G> that I have integrated ReportBuilder into our product - and quite successfully I might add... One of the first reports I needed to do was a rather complex Invoice - with 5 subreports for different sections - no problem. This would have been virtually impossible to do in Crystal Reports.
- d.r.

Diamond Data Systems, Inc. wishes to thank you and the rest of the Digital Metaphors team for the insight and wisdom in building in the 'ease-of'-use' our clients require. As a result of your efforts, your program was one of the key deciding factors when the American Legion National Headquarters chose our AIM! software product over 19 other software packages tested to manage their 15,000+ Posts and Departments worldwide! With a membership that stands at 4.2 million, the American Legion is by far one of the world's largest associations in the world!
- j.b.