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Report with multiple-page subreport

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I have a report that has a summary subreport that can print multiple pages.
I need to print a header on each page of the main report, and a different
one each page of the subreport.

Is there a way to prevent the header band from the main report from printing
on any of the pages of the subreport? The header band's "PrintOnLastPage"
property works beautifully when the subreport is only 1 page.



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    Hi Ken,

    One option would be to use the SummaryBand.BeforePrint event to hide the
    header band of the report to prevent it from printing. It would then
    need to be set back to visible if navigating backward through the report
    (perhaps in another band's BeforePrint).

    The easiest way to organize a report like this would be to create a
    empty main report with a detal band only. Then place two section style
    subreports in the detail band. The top section would be your existing
    report minus the summary band. The bottom section would contain the
    summary band info. Then the two sections will print completely separate
    from each other and you have full control of what is printed.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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