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  • Hi Yusuf,

    Perhaps someone will chime in, but we have not heard of this behavior with the latest version of ReportBuilder.

  • Hi Rajeev,

    Converting from one connectivity to another can be difficult in some cases as it is usually not as simple as replacing a few class names.

    1. Choose one of your existing BDE reports and recreate it by hand from an emp…
  • Hi Yusuf,

    This is not a known issue.

    1. Are you using the latest version of ReportBuilder?

    2. Which version did you notice the slow-down started? It would be helpful to get a time frame so we could track down any …
  • HI Rajeev,

    How did you migrate your reports from BDE to FireDAC? This would involve manually editing the template source to alter all the QueryDataViews to the proper connection plugin.

    See the following article on how to migr…
  • Hi Timo,

    Are you able to recreate this on your machine? If so, please create a simple example using only RB and Delphi components and send it to support@ in .zip format and I'll research a solution.
  • Hi Timo,

    Due to the nature of how ReportBuilder renders to the screen, discrepancies can occur. Try changing your default printer driver and see if that helps the problem.

    in Font size problem with TppMemo Comment by nicocizik January 26
  • Hi Rajeev,

    The error implies no database has been assigned for the DADE plugin being used (FireDAC). You can either assign the database using the TppDesigner.DataSettings.DatabaseName property or in the File | Data Settings... menu optio…
  • Hi Rajeev,

    The Query Designer and Query Wizard will not display if no DADE plugin is registered. Adding the DADE plugin to the uses clause will make them available. (daFireDAC for example).
  • Hi Dirk,

    The Source directory is not automatically added by the RB installer so this is something you must have done yourself.

    The directories added to the Delphi library path by RB are:

    32 bit: ...\RBuilder\Lib\Win3…
  • Hi Dirk,

    The error usually indicates that you have an older .dcu or source file present in your library path. Since we do not provide the source for RAP, it is important to be sure the versions match up. Check your project folder for ol…
  • Depending on the type of field value you are accessing with your DBText components, it is better to access the data directly from the database (pipeline).

    Also, since you are making calculations, I suggest using the OnCalc event of a TppV…
  • Hi Rajeev,

    This issue is in your RAP code. An empty string '', is not a valid integer so when you make a call to StrToInt with an empty string, the error will occur. Check the value of the DBCalc(s) before converting them to an integer.…
  • Hi Dirk,

    The issue is the FormatSettings. This is the only reason this behavior will occur. Somewhere (or multiple places) in your code you are manually changing the DecimalSeparator. After this is done, you need to be sure to perform …
  • Hi Dirk,

    Please send the empty PDF file to me so I can see what is happening. If you could export the PDF with the compression set to clNone, that would be helpful.
  • Hi Dirk,

    Empty PDF files are generally caused by a corruption of the PDF source. The main reason we see this is when the Delphi FormatSettings are changed without syncing the ppFormatSettings. If you are changing the FormatSettings, be …
  • Hi Adam,

    Rather than assigning the FileName of the PDFDevice, simply set its OutputStream property to the memory stream you would like to write to (MS1).

    MS1 :…
  • Hi Adam,

    The issue is that your merged archive data is held in the MS1 stream, yet you never assign it to the ArchiveReader after the loop.

    Your code above merges multiple archives to a single archive, then exports that to PDF.…
  • Hi Robert,

    See the source for the supported TeeChart RAP RTTI in the ppChrt.pas file for all included routines/properties beyond the published ones.

    Chart.ColorPalette is not currently supported for RAP however I will add it fo…
  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you for checking in. I checked and your message was received but for some reason it was sent to our junk folder. I will take a look at your example and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Generally the access token is valid for 1 hour. ReportBuilder stores this token in memory so it is lost once the application is closed. It is on our to-do list to add a feature automatically saving the access token to disk once it is obtained. Th…
  • Hi Steve,

    1. Which version of ReportBuilder and Delphi are you using?

    2. Are you using InfoPower to display images inside RTF in ReportBuilder? If so, which version?

    Please create a simple example that demonstrates …
  • Hi Adam,

    Yes, below is a copy of my email response from November, 21.


    I tested your example with Delphi 10.4.2, and Delphi 11.2 on multiple machines and it functions as expected. I am at a loss at what is happen…
  • Hi Adam,

    I only added the OnDrawCommandClick event to show how the memo URL can be done both ways. It is not necessary for PDF.

    Using your exact code and similar form definition, I was unable to recreate this. Please send you…
  • Below is a link to the example I created which appears to be working as intended. It was created with RB 21.05. Let me know if it you still get the issue on your machine with my example and I'll try to track down what is happening.

  • Hi Marko,

    >>But unfortunately I can't get it to work in this version.

    Do you mean it does not generate a barcode or the barcode is generated but cannot be verified? Note that I am not attempting to verify the barcode wit…
  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the clarification.

    While hyperlinks are not supported for memos in ReportBuilder, it is possible to trick the PDF device into making the entire memo control hyperlink-clickable by assigning the HyperLink pro…
  • Hi Marko,

    Which version of ReportBuilder and Delphi are you using? In my testing with your exact data, I was able to produce a QR Code (version 11) that was exactly 46mm x 46mm without issues. Below is my simple code.

    We have…
  • Hi Gerd,

    Please consider upgrading to the latest version of ReportBuilder. If, after upgrading, you still experience the PDF issue (or any other issue), we will be able to provide active support to track down and solve the problem.
  • Hi Adam,

    TppLabel components are not stretchable.

    One option would be to implement the OnDrawCommandClick event of the memo and manually open the website when the memo is selected. Something like the following:
                    in                     Stretch behavior on tppLabel / tppDBLabel
                    Comment by nicocizik
                    November 2022
  • Hi Gerd,

    Looking back I do not see any specific issues with RB 14.08 that would cause this behavior. My suggestion would be to download a trial copy of the latest version of RB and test.

    in PDF-File only 1 KB Comment by nicocizik November 2022