ReportBuilder 15.05 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 15.05!

ReportBuilder 15.05 includes VCL support for Delphi XE6, XE5, XE4, XE3,
XE2, XE, Delphi 2010, 2009, 2007, and Delphi 7.


New Feature List:


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Bug Fixes for RB 15.05

- Zoom, Fix for zoom when vertical scroll pos > 0
- Zoom trackbar, added code to better support mouse clicks
- Designer AV can occur when main report group header has a subreport
- Modified Group Header/Footer Descr to be consistent w/Group.Descr
- TableGrid, fix for copy/paste when child object also in selection
- Region, for copy/paste, update Caption with UserName

- Cols, fix case when group header prints & detail out of space
- GeneratingNewPage function, return true when CachePages and TwoPass

- TableGrid, Objects that ShiftRelativeTo a TableGrid not rendered
- RichText, superscript/subscript was clipped
- RichText, in some cases RichTExt in old Archive Files (raf) is truncated
- TeeChart, fix for case when Subreport GroupFooter contains a DPTeeChart
- TeeChart, charts with PrintMethod set to pmBitmap not rendering

- Forms, Error dialog in RAP could prevent autosearch dialog from closing
- Viewer, fixed form minimization bug in Delphi 7
- Viewer, drilldown reports were navigating to first page when link
- Viewer, returned screen device object is now a TppCustomScreenDevice
- AutoSearch, fix Listbox 'Index out of bounds' error when empty and
press OK

- Graphics, improved scaling for multi-line text
- Graphics, prevent borders from being drawn for TppLine elements
- File, FileStream is now freed before the EndJob or CancelJob events
are fired
- PDF, fix for simultaneously printing collated copies to printer
- PDF, fixed memory leak
- PDF, fonts w/lower case first letter not processed correctly
- PDF, fixed rounding issue when exporting memos with tabs
- XLS, fix for strings and Hyperlinks that exceed max XLS block size
- XLS, redesigned IgnorePageHeight feature to remove blank lines after
drawings added to page
- HTML, fix for removing csss styles
- HTML, fix EndJob AV that can occur when output file cannot be opened
by StartJob
- HTML, fix while loop in RemoveEmptyInstructions
- HTML, bug fix for underline font style
- RTF, stretched images were the incorrect size in RTF

--> Professional Edition <--------

- Mod to work around issue with NexusDB 4

DADE Plug-ins
- FireDAC, fix Connection resolution, need to check for

- Fix case when SQL contains multiple autosearch criteria w/OR operators

-----> Enterprise Edition <------

- RTTI, fix Char datatype support (Unicode VCL)
- RTL, fix clHighlightText const value
- RTL, modified to support all system color constants
- Compiler, raise error for invalid prop ref such as Label.Width.Height
- Compiler, fix for While/For nested inside an If
- Compiler, fix For loop, conditionally free statement return values

Digital Metaphors Corporation
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