ReportBuilder 15.03 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 15.03!

ReportBuilder 15.03 includes VCL support for Delphi XE5, XE4, XE3, XE2,
XE, Delphi 2010, 2009, 2007, and Delphi 7.


New Feature List:


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Enhancements for RB 15.03

- Added ability to enable all code versions (larger barcodes)

- Added DataManager.RefreshDataViews method

Bug Fixes for RB 15.03

- Band popup menus fix for Win 64
- Designer does not re-acquire keyboard focus after show file
open/save dialog
- Align selection fix for case when zoom <> 100%
- Fix for size selection with mouse when zoom <> 100%
- When DesignLayer removed, update z-order
- When delete DesignLayer, rebuild report tree
- Fix for DataTree drag & drop when workspace is scaled
- When Report.Columns > 1, draw disabled workspace area only for
banded layers
- PageSetupDialog, fix AV that can occur if Report.DetailBand = nil
- PageSetupDialog, process spin cols event in timer delay to resolve

- TextPipeline, added support for TextFileType ftSemiColon and ftSpace

- Band, using Background w/Borders caused some artifacts at high zoom
- Group, fix for PreventOrphans feature when layout contains columns
- BarCode2D, modified rendering logic to improve accuracy
- Columns, fix for two-pass, column balancing
- TableGrid, fix table grid generation for multiple stretching/merged
- RichText, bottom line occasionally cut off, improved height calculation
- RichText, fixed border offset issue

- CustomText, ReportSaveNo expression needs Int64 typecast
- DetailBand, when ColumnBalancing set to True, set PrintCount to 0
- Band, Background/Border width is not correct when Columns > 1
- Band, mods to manage ColumnBalancing and PrintHeight phStatic properties
- Report, when ColumnPositions change, set Modified to True
- Compoent, when DesignLayer property changes, update z-order
- Band, fix for Band.MoveObject when DesignLayer not selected
- DesignLayer, when OrderIndex changes, component z-order is incorrect
- DesignLayer, moved loaded logic to Convert method
- Report, fix issue loading old reports that do not contain
- Producer, added global variables DefaultArchiveFileName and
- TeeChart, charts were not rendering with the correct canvas in some

- Email, enhanced file name validation when emailing reports
- Email, enhanced Indy plug-in support for embedded html images
- Email, enhanced Synapse plug-in to expose internal properties
- Archive, cancelling while printing to archive can cause an AV
- Viewer, canceling report while searching for text can cause an AV
- Viewer, removed legacy outline code to improve support for custom
- Printer, when Duplex dpDefault & last page odd, do not add blank page
- File, OpenFile feature did not function when exporting to image
- Image, Removed legacy code from ShellExec routine
- Image, sending groups as images caused an error
- HTML, when symbol font used, export text as bitmap

------> Professional <----------

- Re-attach OnLoadEnd event after an email is sent from the explorer
- Incorrect file names sometimes used when emailing reports

Digital Metaphors Corporation
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