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ReportBuilder 14.07 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 14.07!

ReportBuilder 14.07 includes VCL support for Delphi XE2, XE, 2010, 2009,
2007, 2006, and Delphi 7.

Notification emails have been sent to all registered users of
ReportBuilder 14.x. If you did not receive notification of this release
please send message to with your serial
number and purchasing email address for upgrade instructions.

Overview & screenshots:'s_New/RB_14

New Feature List:


Upgrade Now!

Enhancements for RB 14.07

- Viewer, Added support horizontal key-down scrolling
- Image, enhanced GraphicDetector to handle JPEG variations
- Synapse email plugin, updated to support BCC recipients

Bug Fixes for RB 14.07

- ReportTree, sometimes when PageStyle removed, design layer node not
- Print method should restore report, then restore props
- Design Layers, AV can occur when PageLayer selected and PageStyle
- Designer, added code to honor RegComponent.ToolbarPosition
- Designer, fix for multi-selecting Region and component inside the
- Group, modified description from Group[0] to Groups[0] to be consistent
- Band, mod to height validation to allow for rounding error

- Group, Enable PreventOrphans when NewPage/NewColumn/NewFile selected
- Text, fix for dtBoolean field with DisplayValues
- Text, HyperLinkColor does not save/load correctly
- Variable, fix drawcommand support for vtCopyNo
- Producer, fix PrinterSetup update when settings changed from Print
- 2dBarcode, fix unique UserName generation
- 2dBarCode, QuietZone was not affecting the left origin of the barcode
- 2dBarCode, Published Anchors property
- Chart, fix for Function series (Series.DataSource refs another Series)
- CheckBox, Now prints and exports for all regional locales

- Columns, report hangs if last group footer does not fit
- Columns, report hangs when summary band overflows to additional pages
- Columns, AV occurs when ColumnBalancing = True and DataPipeilne = nil

- Fixed memory leak when press print button while report generating
- Viewer.Print needs to check whether screen device is generating pages
- Hint for TextSearch button was out of sync in some cases
- Viewer, resizing when scrolled did not position the report correctly
- Trying to load an empty/corrupt archive caused scrollable preview
to hang
- Scrollbars are now freed each time the ScrollablePaintbox is destroyed

- MetaFileReader, ExtCreatePen with no pen styles was creating an
invalid pen
- File, SetFileName method needs to resolve file path variables
- PDF, some metafile images were not scaling correctly in PDF
- PDF, fixed memory leak.
- PDF, added diagonal line support for PDF
- PDF, Fixed initialized origin, path drawing, and stroke/fill issues
when drawing to PDF
- XLS, fix AV that occurs when cancelling an XLS device
- Preview, memo with full justified alignment, need to trim leading
- Print, memo with full justified alignment, need to trim leading spaces
- HTML, Some symbol characters were not exporting correctly for
non-western locales
- Email, Added additional check for NewFile groups when using the
TppEmail object

-----> Professional <----------

- QueryDesigner, When Calc Expression changes do not update custom alias
- Query Designer, for Self join, sort fields by field name, TableSQLAlias
- SQL, modifying calc field CalcType did not always update the group
- SQL, for self joins, select/deselect fields need to consider
- dbExpress, Mod to GetDatabaseNames to initialize List.Objects[ ] to nil
- Preview, added a try..finally for data preview form
- Preview, Mod to call Application.HandleException

-----> Sever <----------

- ClientHTTP, fix for Unicode VCL

Digital Metaphors Corporation
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