ReportBuilder 14.01 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 14.01!

ReportBuilder 14.01 includes VCL support for Delphi XE2, XE, 2010, 2009,
2007, 2006, and Delphi 7.

Notification emails have been sent to all registered users of
ReportBuilder 14.x. If you did not receive notification of this release
please send message to with your serial
number and purchasing email address for upgrade instructions.

Overview & screenshots:'s_New/RB_14

New Feature List:


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Enhancements for Version 14.01

- Delphi XE2 requires Update 2

Fixes for Version 14.01

- DesignLayers, when copy/paste between layers do not apply position
- Report tree, group node could not be selected for a childreport
- Group dialog, increased min height

- DBPipeline, optimized First/Last methods

- Report, AfterPrint was not firing correctly when preview

- added arrow key support to scrollable viewer
- scrollable screen device was not being reset on start job

- File, added page range support for export group files feature
- PDF, enhanced support for Arabic character spacing
- PDF, fix for memo custom tabstop positions
- PDF, fix for scaling advanced draw commands
- RTF, AV sometimes occurred when reset
- HTML, fix for deleting the existing file, rather than the directory
- XLSSettings, fix for typo in AppName default value

-----> Professional <----------

- Item context menu not initialized with item options at startup

- Data Settings dialog mod for D7 compatibility

-----> Enterprise <----------

- Fix for Int64 numeric expression evaluation

-----> Server <----------

- Fix for issue that occurs when previewing the same report twice

- Fix for message decompression (Delphi xE2)

Digital Metaphors Corporation
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