ReportBuilder 11.02 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 11.02!

ReportBuilder 11.02 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi 2009, 2007, 2006,
2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.

Notification emails have been sent to all registered users of ReportBuilder
11.x. If you did not receive notification of this release please send
message to with your serial number and purchasing
email address for upgrade instructions.

Overview & screenshots:'s_New/RB_11

New Feature List:


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Enhancements for Version 11.02

- New themed Statusbar (Designer, Preview, ReportExplorer, ..)
- PDF, optimized grayscale images to use 8-bit res to save space
- Hyperlink, added new HyperLinkEnabled property to Label, DBText
- Improved management of modal forms to support windows task switching
- *Query Designer, added ability to sort available fields list by clicking
on any column
- **RAP, added support for enum integer values, improved conversion of enum
to integer

*Pro and Enterprise only
** Enterprise only

Fixes for Version 11.02

- Group dialog, adjusted MinHeight to support new RB 11 layout
- Group dialog, modified form elements to use ParentFont True
- RichText design-time rendering should not draw the caption when rtf data
is present.
- Variable Popup Menu - added items for SuppressRepeatedValues,
- When Report.Units is utPrinterPixels, the horizontal ruler was not
rendering accurately
- Added themed status bar

- RichText, work around for IP Studio support, loading rtf data results in
formatting being lost
- RichText, sometimes setting the LeftMargin property is ignored.
- RichText, generating from an ArchiveFile to the printer caused an
- Subreport, setting Subreport.DataPipeline to nil during report
generation caused an exception
- Printable, modified CheckDataPipeline to /not/ set DataField to blank
when DataPipeline is nil
- AutoSearch Description sometimes displays a period in the middle of a
compound description
- AutoSearch DateTime Picker - added code to replace mm with MM for
windows format compatibility

- When DataPipeline has static fields, the field index did not initialize
correctly when loading.

- PDF, full justified text was not exporting correctly.
- PDF, sometimes non-latin characters were being displayed as symbols
- PDF, exporting a memo with no lines caused a list index out of bounds
- File Groups, fix for case in which the first file already exists in the
- TextFile, added quote character escaping (i.e. "quote me" becomes
""quote me"")
- Email, when using the MAPI plug-in, the parent window sometimes displays
behind other applications
- Printer, calling Printer.SetDevMode directly was not always working
- Printer, calling Printer.ShowSetupDialog with a non default printer did
not work (D2009 only)
- Printer, stack fault could occur when switching printers or using
printer pixel units.

----> Professional <----------

- SQL, when master order By field is not in the Select fields, linked
subreports did not work
- SQL, when EditSQLAsText, the Link dialog did not manage the available
fields list correctly
- SQL, Enhanced EditSQLAsText to allow unresolved :ParamName's to be
validated against the database
- SQL Editor, keyboard input of Unicode chars was not working (D2009 only)
- SQL Editor, renamed .res items to avoid conflicts with UniSynEdit.
(D2009 only)

- Enhanced UI theming

----> Enterprise <----------

- Compiler, improved parsing of nested expressions
- Code Editor, keyboard input of Unicode chars was not working (D2009
- Code Editor, renamed .res items to avoid conflicts with UniSynEdit
(D2009 only)

----> Server <----------

- Enhance UI theming

Digital Metaphors Corporation
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