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ReportBuilder 11.01 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 11.01!

ReportBuilder 11.01 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi 2009, 2007, 2006,
2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.

Notification emails have been sent to all registered users of ReportBuilder
11.x. If you did not receive notification of this release please send
message to with your serial number and purchasing
email address for upgrade instructions.

Overview & screenshots:'s_New/RB_11

New Feature List:


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Version 11.01 - 11/4/2008

- Designer, enable Snap-to-Guide/Snap-To-Grid to work independently for X,
Y directions
- Designer, added BringForward/SendBackward to the format toolbar
- Designer, do not create a windows taskbar item at runtime
- Parameters, added support for dtDate, dtTime data types
- DBRichText, optimized performance
- DADE, search criteria with different search operators can share a common
- WebTier, added support for Safari and Chrome browsers

Fixes for Version 11.01


- Office2003 Theme, fix for memory leak.
- When set Columns back to 1, the ColumnHeader/ColumnFooter were not
- Group dialog was assigning FieldAlias rather than FieldName as the
- View | Themes was changing the theme when any of the 3 submenu items were
- TextSearchSettings Dialog, cosmetic update.
- RichText editor, updated the Bullets icon.

- Params, fixes/enhancements for better data type support.
- Params, fix for list index out of bounds
- DBText, fix for SuppressRepeatedValues
- Label/DBText, HyperLink feature could assign wrong font attributes to std
- SystemVariable, "copy" and "copy #" language strings moved to rbPrint.res
- RichText, fixed range check error prop getter/setter
- RichText, fix for loading large RTF data
- RichText, fix for restoring mail merge stream (not in patch)
- 2DBarcode, scaling for screen and pdf were incorrect
- 2DBarcode, transparency was not honored
- 2DBarcode, PDF 417 error when data begins w/a numeric compaction (> 13
- DPTeechart, detect when field has been removed from the dataset.
- Band, adding at run-time, the width was not always resized

- DBPipeline, removing fields can cause a list index out of bounds

- Printer, when Page.PrinterSetup changes, new settings were not honored
- Printer, when no printers installed, an AV can occur
- Printer, when TppPrinter.ShowSetupDialog changes the printer name,
PrinterSetup was not updated.
- PDF, underlined text resulted in error when opening the PDF file in
- PDF, text box was not printing at the correct location.
- PDF, added support for stretched metafiles
- PDF, improved metafile command support
- PDF, enhanced metafile support to work around D7, D6 vcl bugs
- Text, exporting multiple subreports on one page caused incorrect output.
- File groups, single group report did not receive a file suffix.
- File groups, if the first group was a single page, not all files were

----> Professional <----------

- SQLText parser, improved support for DatabaseType specific SQL syntax
- SQLText parser, do /not/ reformat the SQL text
- Link dialog, switched position of Ok/Cancel buttons
- ElevateDB support, fix for table aliasing

- EndUser, updated ElevateDB demo

Digital Metaphors Corporation
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