ReportBuilder 11.0 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 11.0!

ReportBuilder 11.0 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi 2009, 2007, 2006,
2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.


New Feature List:


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Version 11.0 - 9/24/2008
- Delphi 2009 support!
- Unicode support! (Delphi 2009 only)
- New state of the art installer
- Complete Windows Vista compatibility

Unicode (Delphi 2009 only)
- Full Unicode VCL support
- Database access support for Unicode and Ansi databases
- Unicode Report Designer, RCL, Report Output
- Unicode String Translation Application
- TextPipeline supports Unicode and Ansi data (can autodetect or use
Encoding property)
- TextFileDevice supports Unicode and Ansi export (Encoding and BOM
- Unicode RAP CodeEditor
- Unicode Server uses UTF-8 encoding for TCP communication
- Unicode WebTier produces UTF-8 encoded XHTML web interface

Designer Enhancements
- new Office2007, Outlook2007 adaptive themes to update the UI
- new Theme support for Object Inspector, CodeToolbox
- new Design Guides to quickly align and size objects
- new "Edit in Place" support for Labels and Memos
- new Design support for Paramters, AutoSearchSettings, Lookups
- new BringForward/SendBackward options for fine tuning z-order
- new Persistent Undo/Redo between Design/Preview for better iterative
- new IniStorage option, IniNone can be used to avoid ini storage
- new IniFile default location (Local Settings\Application Data) for Vista
- new Name property support for Delphi design-time

Report Parameters and AutoSearch
- Powerful integrated architecture for Parameters, AutoSearch, Lookups,
- new Parameters design time support including AutoSearch and Lookups
- new Parameters AutoSearchSettings property
- new AutoSearch Lookups, LookupDataPipeline (name/value and value support)
- new AutoSearch panels for Lookups (displays combobox with picklist)
- new AutoSearch Calendar Date Picker for dates (windows, web)
- new DADE search criteria can be bound to Parameters
- new AutoSearch 'Or' logical operator support
- new Include AutoSearch Description in Report with no code

Report Groups
- new Group dialog, more intuitive design
- new Group NewFile option (print each group as sep file)
- new Group StartOnOddPage option (great for duplex printing)
- new GroupFooter option to Print only when > 1 detail (suppress totals)

Report Summary
- new Summary AlignToBottom of page option (frequently requested)

Report Output Enhancements
- new PDF embedded font support
- new PDF RichText, TeeChart, Barcode, PaintBox support (converts to native
- new PDF vector graphics support (converts metafiles to native PDF)
- new PDF canvas architecture
- new ArchiveReader.ArchiveStream property
- new Print multiple reports to a single file (all FileDevice descendants)
- new Generate multiple files with one report (one file per group)
- new TextFile support for subreport elements
- new TextFile support for crosstab data
- new TextFile support for memos
- new TextFile options for quoting strings
- new Printer Escape support
- new Printer PCL Language library built-in (simplifies escape commands)
- new Printer DeviceSettings - control any/all specialized printer settings
- new Printer internal refactoring/architecture
- new Printer.CheckDC method for improved error handling

Report Component Library (RCL) Enhancements
- new Hyperlink property (viewer, PDF, WebViewer - supports url and email
- new Paintbox component (including PDF export)
- new SystemVariable options: AutoSearchDesc, CopyNo, CopyNoDesc
- new Line component option for diagonal lines
- new Image.Align property (left, Center, Right)
- new Image context menu to Clear picture
- new BarCode Alignment support for barcode symbol
- new TppVariable SuppressRepeatedValues support
- new RichText full justification
- new RichText LeftMargin property
- new RichText Transparent support
- new RichText Editor support for Full Justify, Consistent Attributes
- new RichText.Font property used to set DefAttributes
- new DBRichText.MailMerge support
- new Report.OnFileDeviceCreate event (use to configure devices)
- new Report.OnPrinterDeviceCreate event (use to configure printer device)
- new OnPrinterDeviceStateChange event (use to send Escape commands)
- new Report.GetDataPipeline method

Report Explorer Enhancements*
Toolbar options for Open, Design

Visual Data Access Enhancements*
- new SQL Having clause support (QueryDesigner, SQLBuilder, SQL)
- new EditSQL Text and AutoSearch support
- new EditSQL Text and Link support
- new Linking options: MagicSQL, Parameterized SQL, Manual
- new Linking on calc fields (non-aggregate)
- new Search Criteria allow SQL functions ex. Where SalesDate = GetDate()
- new Search Criteria bind to Parameters (which can be autosearch or not)
- new SQL Text Editor with syntax highlight support
- new Group By allow calc fields (non-aggregate)
- new Query Wizard table/field lists display horz scroll bar
- new SQLBuilder support for Linking
- new SQLBuilder support for adding calc expressions

RAP Enhancements**
- new RAP Unicode Editor for D2009
- new RAP RTTI for TeeChart
- new RAP RTTI for TCanvas (use RAP to draw to Paintbox.Canvas)
- new RAP RTTI for TTextAttributes, TppParaAttributes (RichText)
- new ECodeError properties for ProgramName, ProgramCode

Server Enhancements***
- new Web AutoSearch Calendar DatePicker
- new Web AutoSearch Lookup support (drop down list)
- new Web date format for data entry (supports webtier locale)
- new ClientReport AutoSearch Lookup support (drop down list)
- new ClientReport AutoSearch Calendar DatePicker
- new ClientReport date format for data entry (supports client locale)

*ReportBuilder Professional and Enterprise Editions
**ReportBuilder Enterprise Edition
***ReportBuilder Server Edition

Digital Metaphors Corporation
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