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ReportBuilder 10.09 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 10.09!

ReportBuilder 10.09 includes VCL Win32 support for RAD Studio/Delphi 2007
Update 3, Delphi 2006/Turbo Delphi, Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.

Notification emails have been sent to all registered users of ReportBuilder
10.x. If you did not receive notification of this release please send
message to with your serial number and purchasing
email address for upgrade instructions.

Overview & screenshots:

New Feature List:


Upgrade Now!

Enhancements for Version 10.09

*RB 10.09 for Delphi 2007 requires Update 3 or later.

Fixes for Version 10.09

- RichText Editor. D7, D6 could not open form form because it was saved
with D2007.
- RBuilder.ini was being saved in the application path
- When New... is selected, report.Modified is not set to true.
- Mod to notebook tab change logic to better handle case in which a tab
change is not allowed.
- Mods to better handle case in which designer is embedded in a parent
- Added support for CloseQuery method

- BarCode.IsValidData does not work properly unless rbIDE.res is included
- Label/DBText. When WordWrap True and Height < LineHeight, no text appears
in preview/print.
- DBImage.PictureChanged should not call PropertyChange.
- TeeChart. Fix for Delphi design-time pasting
- Printable. When DataField reference is invalid, the property was being
set to empty string.

- Fixed a destroy AV for case in which datapipelines are conditionally set
to nil during generation.
- When dataset is empty and autosearch is used to modify it, sometimes the
state gets out sync.

- Sometimes autocreate fields not getting recreated and old fields have
dtNotKnown dataype info.

- Email. For MDI apps, the active form was not always restored.
- Text Search. Fix for case in which goto page number exceeds number of
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