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ReportBuilder 10.08 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 10.08!

ReportBuilder 10.08 includes VCL Win32 support for RAD Studio/Delphi 2007
Update 3, Delphi 2006/Turbo Delphi, Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.

Notification emails have been sent to all registered users of ReportBuilder
10.x. If you did not receive notification of this release please send
message to with your serial number and purchasing
email address for upgrade instructions.

Overview & screenshots:

New Feature List:


Upgrade Now!

Enhancements for Version 10.08

*RB 10.08 for Delphi 2007 requires Update 3 or later.

*Performance enhancements to report generation
- Used a customer test case to identify and resolve several bottlenecks

*new Email plugin for Synapse. (For info on Synapse,

- Enhanced Template.DBSettings to enable TemplateField to be a string
containing a file name
- Optimized reading/loading logic related to BarCode and AutoSearch.

- Inspector. Added Caption property editor with an auto update feature
(like Delphi)

- Viewer: Added virtual Viewer.CreateScreenDevice method; Draw methods are
now virtual

- QueryWizard listbox now displays horizontal scrollbar when table/field
names are too long.

- Added RAP RTTI for Report.Sendmail, TStrings.CommaText,

Fixes for Version 10.08

- Using the Designer/Ruler menu to modify Units of a subreport did not work
- TextSearchSettings Dialog was not setting Set Report.Modified to True.
- When subreport, modified need to set childreport.Modified to true
- Fix for case in which preview endless page report and then return to
design workspace.
- Fix for custom component's that need to display a toolbar value list of
type integer.
- Modified the edit toolbar value list to not be editable.
- Improved management of the SaveLength edit box for FixedLength text file
- Variable Dialog. Replaced Bevel with Group boxes to fix cosmetic issues.
- Modified Workspace Controller ComponentAdd to remove pppcCreating from

- Using Label OnGetText with WordWrap set to true was not working
- Fixed issue where DBImage was not generating a unique identifier for each
- Optimized Band.PropertyChange method to call inherited, prevents
AfterPropertyChange firing twice.
- Variable. When using the Reset veGroupEnd, the OnReset does not fire
- RichText. Added support for using the Font property as the default font
attributes when loading text.
- Region. Fixed issue where text was being overlapped by the region border
when it was set to a high thickness and Stretch was set to True.

- When main report Header.PrintOnLasPage is False and Section subreport
prints the last page, the objects on the last page were not positioned
- Report outline updates the node caption for a child report incorrectly.

- PDF. Fixed a memory leak when the report was being emailed using the PDF
- PDF. Fixed Image support for centered, stretched, maintain aspect ratio
properties .
- PDF. Fixed index out of bounds error when exporting full justified text.
- Printer. When PrinterName is 'Screen' need to call ReleaseDC rather than
- Email. Fixed issue related to registering a SMTP plugin at runtime.
- Preview. Fix for AV that can occur when some reports have text search
enabled and others do not.
- Preview. In some cases, the text search highlighter uses a font height
that is one pixel to large.
- Printer. Enhanced Shape rendering for case in which pen width is > 0 and
pen style is not solid.

- Conditional mods to retain RB TeeChart 5.03 package compatibility for

----> Professional <----------

- Date Search Criteria were not loading correctly for reports created with
different regional settings.
- Updated CreateAutoSearchField method to better handle calc field

- Using the DBExpress plug-in with Oracle, the Modified field was getting
updated incorrectly.
- The List | View popup menu was not getting updated when switching between
List and Details.

- RAP numeric expressions do not always correctly convert variant values
such as myDataPipeline['FieldName'].
- Fixed issue where boolean comparisons were not correct for <> and >
- Fixed bug where for loops iterating downto a value were not functioning.
- When childreport contains RAP code, but main report does not, the report
definition was not being saved/restored before/after design preview.
- A custom system function that contains a compile error sometimes results
in an AV.

----> Server<----------

- International characters were not displaying correctly in FireFox.
Updated XHTML header to declare XML encoding as ISO-8859-1.
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