ReportBuilder 10.04 is now available for Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6!

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 10.04!

ReportBuilder 10.04 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005,
Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.

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Enhancements for Version 10.04

- Added TeeChart 7.08 support for Delphi 2006.
- Enhanced printing duplexed copies, a new print job will be created for
each copy
- Enhanced Email error handling capabilities.
- Added OnMailMerge event to update mail-merged richtext at runtime.

Fixes for Version 10.04

- When add a custom page to the designer, the tab change events were not
firing for the custom pages.
- Multi-selection, setting a property from a popup menu only updates the
first component.
- Fix for case in which an AV can sometimes can occur when the selection
object is freed.
- DisplayFormat property editor did not support typing directly into the
property box.
- Report | Landscape (and Portrait) menu options were not working properly
- An AV stometimes occured in D2005 when a component inside a Region is
- RichText Editor, fixed design-time AV for D2006 Update2 when opening the

- Rotated Text, fix for DBText Autosize when rotated and right or center
- Fix for case in which a TppVariable is of type dtString and its OnCalc
is used to set other TppVariable.Value's.
- RichText, mail merge did use the currently registered TppDisplayFormat
- Fixed issue where shapes were filling with a black background color if a
brush pattern was used.

- When PrinterName is longer than 80 characters,
TppPrinter.ShowSetupDialog resulted in an error.
- when zoom setting is zsWholePage, the viewer sometimes displays a
vertical scrollbar
- Fixed DrawImage so that white background is not displayed when image
does not fill up the control.
- Screen device was not being disconnected when report was expored to a
file before being emailed.

- When TitleBand.NewPage is true and Visible is false, group header not
generating correctly.
- TppVariable fix for case in which DataType is string and orphaned group
appeared on the previous page.
- Fix for image draw command naming used by HTML and PDF export
- Modified OnCancel event to fire after engine has stopped and to fire
when viewer is used.

----> Professional <----------

- NexusDB, corrected demo to work with optimized report explorer
- Directo Oracle Access (DOA), corrected demo to work with optimized
report explorer
- dbExpress, added support for additional database types: MS SQL Server,
Sybase ASA, Sybase ASE
- MS Access, added SESSION and MODULE to MS Access reserved words list.

- When merging datamodule's the datapipeline username may need to be
updated to ensure uniqueness.

----> Enterprise <----------

- Returning to the Calc tab, the ListView is not always activated properly
- Loading a template and calling ShowModal repeatedly can sometimes AV in

----> Server <----------

- Modified to delete prior content unless request is incremental

- Fix for WebTier.Inisettings when using wildcards such as
($Application)\rbWebTier.ini for the file name.

Digital Metaphors
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