ReportBuilder 9.03 is now available for Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6!

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 9.03!

ReportBuilder 9.03 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, and
Delphi 6.


Upgrade now!!

Enhancements for Version 9.03 - 10/11/2005

1. Designer
- Added Undo support for drag and drop from data tree

2. Server
- Updated web browser detection to include FireFox

3. TeeChart
- Added support for TeeChart 7.05.

Fixes for Version 9.03 - 10/11/2005

1. Designer

- When a docked tool window is hidden and re-shown, the width of the tool
window was not restored.
- Setting Report.Language did not update the language for the popup menus.
- Added language support for the 'No DataPipeline assigned' caption
displayed for a Report, Subreport, & Crosstab.
- Fix for RichText Editor in Delphi 2005, the FontComboBox was getting
- Fixed issue where DBMemo was not displaying the field alias in the
designer as the caption when loading a saved template.

2. PDFDevice

- Fixed issue in which the bitmap object was being freed twice when
exporting a non-bitmap scaled image to PDF. (Caused an AV).
- Fixed issue where the output stream was beeing accessed after it had
already been freed when canceling PDF generation.
- The partially created PDF file will now be deleted from the hard drive
when the report generation process is canceled.
- Enhanced font handling for TimesNewRoman and Arial fonts.

3. Engine

- Modified OpenDataPipeline method to include the original exception
message when re-raising an exception that occurs while opening a
- Canceling a report that is being exported to file did not free the output
stream. This resulted in an error if Report.Print was subsequently called.
- Fixed issue in which a variable does not correctly save its value to
cache if its compute is never called. For example, when a main report has a
variable that is incremented in a subreport.
- Fixed issue where page total was incorrect when a TppVariable was set to
reset on page end.
- Fixed issue in which spaces were not being striped off memo lines when
full justified.
- In some cases dataset bookmarks were not freed, causing a memory leak
- Added code to handle case in which a title band prints over several pages
before a static height detail band gets a chance to print. This prevent an
exception from being raised by the report engine.
- Fixed memory leak in the mail merge feature of the RichText component.

4. Printer

- Fix for case in which the default printer is not installed on the
- Fixed an issue with rendering icon images to the printer.

5. Viewer

- Fix for case in which a single memo is previewed with a small scale
percent, such as 25.
- When using D2005, the wsMaximized PreviewFormSettings does not position
the window correctly. Added code to work around a bug in D2005 (wsMaximized
does not work properly when Position is poScreenCenter).
- Fix for cases in which memo is empty. DrawText method was dividing by 0.

6. TeeChart

- When the data was changed for a TeeChart in the detail band for each
record the same TeeChart was being exported in PDF an XHTML.

----> Professional <----------

7. Dade

- When a Calc Expression has table names re-aliased, need to include the
'.' after the table name in the replace string. Otherwise can replace other
- When a Calc Expression appears in the Where clause, the expression needs
to be updated with the table aliases.
- The InList AutoSearch criteria was not honoring backward compatibility

----> Enterprise <----------

8. RAP
- Modified the RAP compiler to allow the local Var and Const sections to
appear in either order.
- Fix for RAP Case statement that contains a global const used for a
- Registered TppOutlineNodeType with RAP.
- Updated RAP OnOutlineNodeCreate event to have a NodeCreator parameter

----> Server <----------

9. WebTier

- The WebTier was not always encoding/decoding UTF-8 properly. For some
international users the ListView/TreeView were not working in some cases.
- Added full .ini file support for WebTier.ServerFarmSettings


Digital Metaphors
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