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Custom TppReport component

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I have created my own TppReport component and based on this I build all my
reports. I am trying to dynamically load several of these reports in order
to print them as subreports (see demo application 3.End User\5. Dynamic
Subreport Loading. The problem is that there are fields of type
TppReport/TppCustomeReport/TppChildReport components.
So I don't have the functionality that I have introduced with my component.
Is there a way to overcome this without affecting the ReportBuilder's code ?


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    Nope. TppChildReport is hard-coded in the factory method:

    One workaround would be to load the reports normally (into your descendant
    class) and then use reference style subreports to get them into the main
    report. Reference style subreports are kind of like OLE linking - the report
    definitions are used to generate the subreports, but are not contained in
    the subreports...

    I've attached an example.


    Tom Ollar
    Digital Metaphors Corporation
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