ReportBuilder 7.03 is now available for Delphi 7, Delphi 6, and Delphi 5

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ReportBuilder 7.03 is now available for Delphi 7, Delphi 6, and Delphi 5!

We greatly appreciate your support over the years and we look forward to
working with you in the years to come!

If you did not receive an email notification for the latest release, please
email with your registration information to
receive the download information. We can also be reached by phone at


Version 7.03 - 8/23/2003

1. Session Parameters

When implementing custom session parameters, this feature enables the server
to use the OnValidateSessionParameters event to pass additional parameter
information back to the client.

2. BDE Package Installation

The BDE DADE plugin package for Delphi is not installed unless the BDE is

3. XP Theme Support

XP Theme support is extended in the end user designer.

Version 7.02 - 3/15/2002

1. Background Printing!

New Report.BackgroundPrintSettings can be used to enable a report to print
in a background thread. To use this option, you must ensure that the report
container (i.e. DataModule or Form) provides a thread-safe execution
evironment for the report.

2. Report Parameters!

New Report.Parameters property can be used to define custom report
parameters that can be saved as part of the report definition. The
Parameters are accessible from the RAP coding environment and can be used in
the Server Edition to send report parameters between the client and server.

3. TeeChart 6.0 support for Delphi 7, 6, & 5!

4. GUID Session ID's!

The WebTier and the Server have been enhanced to generate GUID's when
creating session ID's.

Version 7.01 - 1/2/2003

1. Text Search!

The print preview form supports text searching for all previewed pages. The
producers, TppReport, TppArchiveReader, TppDBArchiveReader, and
TppClientReport support a new TextSearchSettings property. This property is
used to control the default text search behavior.

2. TeeChart 5.03 support for Delphi 7!

3. Calculated fields in DADE query dataviews can be added as search

Version 7.0 - 9/2/2002

1. Server Edition

Version 7 of ReportBuilder marks the release of the Server Edition. The
Server Edition represents over a years' worth of effort on the part of DM.
We think that you will be absolutely blown away by this product, and how
easy it makes web reporting. Check out the Trial Edition at:

2. Thread safe DADE, RAP and Report Engine

In order to make the Server Edition possible, the data processing engine
(DADE), Object Pascal interpreter (RAP) and the report engine were all made
thread-safe. This means that you can now count on thread safety when
pursuing options such as background processing of print jobs, etc.

3. Outline

A TreeView summarizing the structure of the generated report and
providing clickable nodes which take you to the page for given content is
now displayed in the Print Preview form. The main report, groups and section
type subreports can participate in the generation of the Outline. Use the
OutlineSettings property for each of these objects to control the generation
of the outline.

4. PreviewFormSettings

The main report component (TppReport) now contains a PreviewFormSettings
property. Use this to control the initial WindowState, ZoomSetting and
ZoomPercentage of the Preview Form (and say goodbye to all of those
OnPreviewFormCreate event handlers!)

5. DBArchiveReader

This new component makes it easy to preview and print report archives
stored in a database BLOB fields.

6. DBImage auto loading

When assigned to a database field with a string data type, the DBImage
component will now automatically assume that the string field contains the
full path and file name to an image file and attempt to load that image from
file when it generates.

7. Enhanced TeeChart support

It is no longer necessary to purchase the registered version of TeeChart
in order to print and preview reports containing charts. If you need to
redistribute the TeeChart UI as part of an end-user reporting solution (and
you are not building your application with packages), then it is still
necessary to purchase TeeChart. The dcu files for the TeeChart UI are not
(and never have been) included with the 'free' version of TeeChart which
installs with Delphi.

Fixes for Version 7.03

1. ReportServer GetSearchParams operation was not firing the
Report.BeforeAutoSearchDialogCreate event. This event is used by the form
based autosearch examples.

2. The ReportVolume.OnCreate event was not firing.

3. Fixed RAP RTTI support for Report.DataPipeline property. This bug was
introduced in 7.02 when ReportRTTI was modified to add support for the new
Parameters property.

4. GetAutosearchDescriptionLines now supports DADE sub-select SQL statements

5. Fixed memory leak in the RichText imlementation.

6. Fixed case on the TppDBText in which SuppressRepeatedValues is True and
ReprintOnSubsequent is False. The text was not being suppressed in all

7. Report engine error occured when reports are used as reference style
subreports and then subsequently used as stand alone reports.

8. Sometimes the crosstab data was being aggregated incorrectly.

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