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ANN: ReportBuilder needs your vote!

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Voting for the 2003 Delphi Informant Readers Choice Awards is now underway
and ReportBuilder needs your vote!

The Digital Metaphors Creative Team is currently working hard on adding
ReportBuilder support for the upcoming Delphi for .Net release!

Please help send a strong message to the Delphi community that ReportBuilder
is still number one! First Borland bundled ReportSmith, then QuickReport and
now RAVE. ReportBuilder continues to thrive, but there are many Delphi
developers who do not look for tools beyond what comes in the box. Now more
than ever, ReportBuilder needs your vote!!!!

Highlights of the past years' accomplishments...

- Server Edition!
- Thread Safety!
- Background Printing!
- Report Parameters!
- Text Search!
- Outline!
- DBArchiveReader!
- Delphi 7.0 support!
- TeeChart 6.0 Support!
- Hundreds of internal enhancements to improve performance and

Thanks to your support, ReportBuilder continues to evolve and set the
standard for Delphi reporting. The Digital Metaphors Creative Team thanks
you and looks forward to another exciting year!!!
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