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ReportBuilder 7.0 Server Edition Released

Are you ready to get those reports into your web browser?

Then you're ready for the new ReportBuilder Server Edition!

Leverage the power of N-tier, XML, XHTML, SOAP, JavaScript, Windows Sockets,
Windows Services, and the various web deployment options of Delphi without
feeling the pain inherent in mastering these technologies.

Protect your investment in your current code base by publishing existing
reports to the web with minimal configuration changes.

And get it all done fast, fast, fast with the new ReportBuilder Server

The new Server Edition includes:

* Server Edition components (we did these so you wouldn't have to)

* Enterprise Edition (the best reporting development environment for

* Server Deployment License (deploy a server-based application to a single

* Server Development License (deploy a server-based application to a
single CPU PC for purposes of testing and development)


ReportBuilder Server Edition 7.0 $999
Server Deployment License (1 CPU) $249

If you purchased ReportBuilder Enterprise 6.03 on or after November 14,
2001, you can upgrade to Server Edition for $799.


The Server Edition is available for purchase at:

For more information, contact us at:

If you are upgrading, please include serial number, contact name, and

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