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Class TraCodeModule not found

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When compiling my app (D5, RBuilder Enterprise 5.56), I get an error message
from the ppTemplat.pas unit:

Error TraCodeModule not found

Some of my templates have RAP in them. Do I need to modify ppTemplat.pas
uses clause?
Any suggestions welcome.


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    This is the procedure and line of code where the error comes up:

    procedure TppTemplate.LoadFromStream(aStream: TStream);

    lReader.ReadComponents(FRoot, nil, LoadCallback);
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    Hi Gerald,

    Add 'raIDE' to the uses clause.
    see article 'Controlling the End-User Environment' in the tech-tips
    'End-User' thread.

    ... and do not modify any of the RB units (seldom necessary, a no no for

    Chris Ueberall;

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    Thanks, that did it! (I had added it in earlier, but somehow dropped it)
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