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HP Deskjet 842C Problems

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When I print, the bottom line of my report does not print even though it
shows on the preview. When I move it up a little it will print, but when I
move it down it will not print. The problem is that I have to print onto a
preprinted form and when I move it up it does not line up.

I have adjusted the margins, paper size, orientation, and anything else I
can think of.

Can anyone please help me?




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    Hi Matt...

    I found something similar on our DeskJet in the office, the reason is,
    that by technical limitations of the printer it is not able to print to the
    very bottom. I had originally a margin of 0.25 inch and increased it
    to 0.5 which solved the problem for me, but won't for you, as you
    say your printing on a pre-printed form. The only solution in this
    case might be a different printer. (Or maybe I just understood you

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    Most printers have an unprintable area along the border of the page. Some
    are 0.25 inches, some are more and some are less. Increasing the margins a
    little on the report should help correct the problem.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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    I use that printer and a bottom margin of 0.45 fixed the problem.


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