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Citrix and RB 5.55

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Are there any known issues with RB 5.55 , D5, NT 4 and Citrix (ICA 3.0)?
My application uses ADO to connect to the SQL Server 7.0 SP 2. and I am
using one DBPipeline...connected ultimately to ADO Stored Proc component.
The report component is CachePages = True, PassSetting=psOnePass and the
TppDBPipeline component has CloseDataSource=True,OpenDatasource=True,

I am asking this due to the fact that I have an unusual problem occurring at
a client site using Citrix to access my Delphi application. Some users get
an Access Violation at the point in the application where the report
component is being called. (e.g., xx.Print). The curious aspect is that
not all users experience the error.. including myself! The application is
being loaded using Citrix Published Application icons... which also appears
to have no bearing since I do not get the error.

I am seeking any kind of clue. So if anyone has any idea whatsoever.. it is
welcome. I have run out of ideas.



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    Is there a default printer assigned? With RB 6.0 you can specify a Screen as
    a default PrinterName in the printer setup, since RB would AV when no
    printer device context was available. You may want to upgrade to RB 6. We
    now offer RB 6 for D4, D5 and D6. Contact

    One other difference between RB 6.0 and all previous versions of RB is that
    the RBuilder.ini file is not forced to be stored in a windows system
    directory. When using dumb terminals, the user can't access that file
    location, and that was a problem.


    Jim Bennett
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    We have had something similar. The reason was that the printer names within
    CITRIX did not match the printer names of the workstation.


    Bernd Maierhofer
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