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Am using RBuilder Enterprise 5.0 with D5 sp 1.

How do you set the left margin? In the designer form I went to the page
setup and set the left and right margins to 1 inch. When I go to the
preview or print the page the right margin has been set to 2 inches and the
left margin was ignored. Am I missing something here?




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    Upgrade to 5.56. Contact with your full
    registration information. I am using Delphi 5 with RB 5.56. Setting the
    left and right margins works fine on the printed output. However, you may
    notice differences in the preview.

    We have two choices when we create a preview - compose for the screen, or
    compose for the printer. Most programs such as MS Word compose to the screen
    when they create a preview. This makes for attractive previews but they tend
    be inaccurate. And it means that they then compose again for the printer
    when you print the document. Most of the time things will print effectively
    similar to the preview, but we have seen many times when the printed output
    was different - a word wrapped to the next line, or some such problem. If
    you use a program meant for accurate page layout, such as PageMaker, you
    will notice that the Page Setup dialog asks you for which printer you wish
    to compose. When PageMaker displays a page, it may not look exactly how
    you think it should, but you do get a preview where the element placement
    is guaranteed to match the printed output's element placement.
    We have chosen to follow this second model.

    Note that when we say element placement, we are referring to X and Y
    placement and not height and width. While the X and Y placement of
    our previews will be accurate, the height and width of text elements
    may vary based on zoom percentage. This is a normal artifact of
    composing for the printer and not for the screen.

    Your preview can not match your printed output. It will
    differ in one of two ways:

    1- It can look good on the screen, but items on the page may not
    display in the same location they will when printed.
    2- It can be less attractive, but items will display on the preview
    exactly where they will when printed.

    We give you the second because it is more accurate and more reliable.
    Not to mention more in keeping with professional page layout products.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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