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I have a problem on RB 5.6 Enterprise with a dot printer.
In my application I set page length =12". In the printer setup dialog, the
application set a wrong page format (Letter?).
The user must change this format to Fanfold 8,5x12". This occurs on Windows
NT 4.0, (driver Epson FX-850).
With Windows 2000 (same printer driver), in the printer setup dialog, the
application set a page format to 'CUSTOM', and all run ok.

In the previus version (RB 5.5) on the same machine (Windows NT 4.0) all run

What has been changed?



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    Download the latest printer driver for the Epson. Not sure what has changed
    in RB, however, you can control the printer setup, so your user won't have
    to. There is a Tech Tip: 'Controlling the Printer' and also 'Printing to
    Dot Matrix' in the tech-tips newsgroup.


    Jim Bennett
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