trying to accumulate conditionally summed variables in a group footer,and summary

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I followed the Tech-tips "Calculating a Summary based on Group Totals" first
example; My results, however are bad (every accumulator ends up with a value
of 0)

I have a sub-report with 3 groups, and no visible detail. In the middle
group (i.e. groups[1]), I conditionally
sum a detail value (as in the tech-tip "Calculating a Summary based on Group
Totals") for a variable called "varParentIDAmount", and I want to accumulate
the values of those sums for each group, as the value of a variable
(varContactIDTotal) shown in the outer-most group footer (i.e. groups[0]).
Also, I want to accumulate the same values over the whole sub-report, as the
value of a variable (varTotal) within the summary band.

here is genericized code from the onCalc event of the variable from
groups[1] (i.e.varParentIDAmount):

if (sClassID = aValue)then begin
end else begin

1) Initial variable(varParentIDAmount) is: calculate on:Traversal, reset
on: GroupEnd, reset group: Groups[1]
2)1st Accumulator(varContactIDTotal--in the outermost group)is: calculate
on: Traversal, reset on: GroupEnd,
reset Group: Groups[0]
3) 2nd Accumulator(varTotal--in the summary) calculate on: Traversal reset
on: ReportStart

I put a seried of showmessages in the OnCalc event to check values as the
report is running, with the results:

1) the variable of each accumulator starts at 0;

2) the amount (e.g. PaymentApplications['LedgerAmount']) to increment each
accumulator is a positive value, as expected;

3) after the addition of the accumulator's value(0) and the amount (i.e.
after lines 3, 4 from code snippet above), the accumulators' values remain

Does anyone know why the accumulators won't accumulate, or what I'm doing

Thanks in advance,


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    I also tried the "Calculating a Summary based on Group Totals"
    2nd method from Tech-tips.

    This gives me values other than 0 for the accumulators (see parent message),
    but they are
    wrong. It appears that in some groups, the values are doubled, so I changed
    the code from



    if Report.SecondPass then

    to prevent the values from being accumulated twice.
    This, however, resulted in 0 values for all accumulators. (I tried
    "subreport1.SecondPass", but the compiler didn't like it).

    Anyone know what to do?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Check the TppVariable's type first, it defaults to String and that would
    certainly cause a value of zero when calculating.

    If a TppVariable has its reset group set, then for every group that finishes
    printing, the variable's value gets reset back to zero. You may want to use
    another TppVariable in the group footer that doesn't have a reset group
    assigned, so it will calculate a running total for all of the groups that


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    That was one of the first things that occurred to me, as well, but the
    variables (all of them) are of type currency.

    How does one specify that a particular line of code in a sub-report is
    executed only on the second pass?
    if (Report.SecondPass) doesn't seem to do it...

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