EOutOfResources with TppRichText

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In my application, I get an error EOutOfResources when RB tries to preview
(I think) a TppRichText with big stream.
Here is what I do :

procedure TFrm.ppDetailBandBeforeGenerate(Sender: TObject)
zM : TMemoryStream;
zM := Obj.DoStream; (Obj is a object which gives to me a created
zM.Position := 0;

How to do to not have this error ?

Thank's a lot,

Laurent VARES.

DECALOG. FRANCE. www.paprika.net


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    Hello - bis,

    the problem occurs only where PrintDevice is 'screen'. No problem with
    printer or RTF document (with TExtraDevice).

    Thank's for your help.

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    Can you create a small example and send it to support@digital-metaphors.com?
    This will get you the quickest solution. You should also mention your OS
    version and what your hardware is.

    Ed Dressel
    Team DM

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    Thank's for your response.

    Few precisions on my configuration :

    W98 SE, Delphi 4 SP3, RB 5.56

    On NT 4, it runs correctly !!!

    I'm going to send to you an example.

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    > Few precisions on my configuration :

    I could have guess this. NT has a lot more resources then W98.

    Ed Dressel
    Team DM
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    did you create all forms on start of your application?
    This will bind many resources. Perhaps you can create the forms on demand,
    and destroys them when not needed. This will decrease the use of windows
    resources. Win9x has not many of them and if some other resorce eating
    programs like office is open then its a problem.

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    I've sent to Digital Metaphors tech support a little project, with one form
    wich contains :
    TppReport, TppViewer, 3 buttons and TppJITPipeline.

    When I click on 'Preview button', I load a rtf file (8 Ko) in a ppRichText
    and when RB try to show it, I get an error. With the 'Print button', it
    However, on NT station, no problem.

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