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Groupwise Pagecount is not working perfectly

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In a report I need something to print on my Last page of a GROUPS.
So I gave the condition

if Report.Group[0].Pageno = Report.Group[0].pagecount then
// -- Conditions for print
But Report.Group[0].pagecount always return 1 and some time -1.
Any body can give me a solution for this.

Thank you


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    1. Consider using a GroupFooter - it prints on the last page of a group.

    2. If want to print something in the Group Header that indicates the
    last page for a group then try something like this.

    a. create a Label in the group header with a caption of 'Last Page for
    b. In the Label.OnPrint event code

    if Report.SecondPass then
    Label3.Visible := Report.Groups[0].PageNo =
    Label3.Visible := False;

    Best regards,

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