Dynamically hide or show columns in a grid

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I have a report, in which I need to hide dynamically a column. I have
about 10 columns, and I need to sometimes hide number 9 (i.e. it is not
the last column).

For the column headers I use one grid component, and in the detail band,
I have another grid, which uses the header grid as a master.

How do I hide an entire column and make the grid expand the rest of the
columns to compensate the space?

And then, can I programatically show it again, restoring the column widths?

In short: I'd like to dynamically show or hide a column in code (in RAP
actually). Is it possible to do that?

I tried toggling the TableColumnXX.Visible property in code (on a Click
of label). It is a mess... the controls of the columns after it do not
move left and the grid does not compensate the space with the rest of
the columns.... I was hoping it will...
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