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RBuilder 10.08 and PDFs with german umlaut ü

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Hi there,

we use Delphi 2006 with RBuilder 10.08.

When creating a PDF with RBuilder that contains an "ü", it sometimes
breaks the PDF. Between the "ü" and the next letter, it can happen that
theres a big space inbetween. Not always. The space differs in its size
almost everytime you open it again.
This only happens with "ü", "Ü" works fine too.

This behavior mostly exists with Adobe Reader (happens more often in
newer versions) and Microsoft Edge - sometimes in Foxit Reader. I never
had it happen when I open the PDF in Chrome or Firefox. Most of our
customers (and their customers) use Adobe, though.

I know this is a pretty old version, but I'd be happy for any tips on
how to solve this.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,
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