AV when override a sub-menu (in the new RB 19)

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Until version 18 I was able to replace the TppReportExplorer menu with
my own menu.

Now, in version 19, if I try to do this I get the error:

Project EndUser.exe raised exception class $C0000005 with message
'access violation at 0x007930cb: read of address 0x0000004c'.

To simulate this error:

1) Open any "End User" demo (I used the NexusdDB sample).
2) Add a TMainMenu.
3) In the MainMenu1, add a menu with GroupIndex = 30:

object MainMenu1: TMainMenu
Left = 208
Top = 184
object Teste: TMenuItem
Caption = 'Tst'
GroupIndex = 30

4) In the ppReportExplorer1 add "MainMenu1" to MergeMenu
5) Compile & run
6) Click in Lauch button to see error.

This error only occurs if I try to override the Report Explorer menu
(groupindex 10, 20, or 30), which I have done since version 12 of RB.

In the TppReportExplorer.class help you say:

"This menu gets merged into the Report Explorer's menu at run-time. Each
sub-menu of the Report Explorer's main menu has a unqiue GroupIndex
property value. You can override any sub-menu by creating a custom
sub-menu with the same GroupIndex value."

So I think this procedure is still valid and it must be some
ReportBuilder 19 bug.

I'm using:
- Delphi Tokyo 10.2.2 (25.0.29039.2004)
- ReportBuilfer 19.0 Enterprise Build 76
- Win32 application running on Windows 10 professional
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