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Vector images in a PDF export.

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I would like to be able to embed vector style graphics in a report
and have those exported to PDF documents as vector graphics.

After registering the SVG components from Report builder displays the svg nicely
on screen. Both the design view and the preview work well.

But, when I export to PDF, the file is exported as a raster image.

I have tried converting to WMF and EMF files instead but both have
various rendering problems in PDF files. Either the rendering is
skewed, or the colors are incorrect or the image is much larger than it
should be despite the scaling option being chosen.

Ultimately, the idea is to allow end users to do this themselves so
SVG would be the least hassle.

Could you offer any advice on what I would need to do to enable svg
to be exported to PDF as a vector image? I'm fine with paid or free
libraries or getting my hands dirty with some coding.

Many thanks,

Currently I'm using RB 16 but have access to the latest versions.

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