Printersetup.Copies = 0 makes report print forever

edited July 2018 in Devices
Not sure when or (aCopies < 1) change was made in ppPrintr.pas as below.
procedure TppPrinterSetup.SetCopies(aCopies: Integer);
  if (FCopies = aCopies) {or (aCopies < 1)} then Exit;
The code in function TppPrinterDevice.CheckEndJob; will always be false as FCollatedCopies = 0;
function TppPrinterDevice.CheckEndJob;

  {check whether all copies have been printed}
  Result := (FCollatedCopies = 1);

  if Result then Exit;


  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for reporting this. I created a patch for RB 19.01 to resolve the issue. You can email support@, provide license details and request the patch.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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