Unable to undef ppUseGetDefPrinterAPI in Reportbuilder 19

Undefining ppUseGetDefPrinterAPI in ppPrintr.pas breaks TppPrinterList object.
Modifying the code with this breaks compilation because raIDE/ raCodMod is compiled with different version of ppPrintr.pas

{$IFDEF ppUseGetDefPrinterAPI}
function GetSystemDefaultPrinterNameWin2kAndLater: String;

Trying to solve a problem where Default printers are handled wrong in Windows 2016 RDP session


  • Hi Kaj,

    Make sure you have the latest release - RB 19.02 (check the Designer Help | About for the RB version.)

    RB 19.02 resolves issues with Windows 2016 RDP. There is no need to disable the IFDEF, that will do the opposite, revert to the old logic, breaking compatibility.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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