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accessing a teechart series brush object


I am using RAP to add points to a chart series and modify the patter to a diagonal hatch. I am using the following code. The last line produces the error "Expected ( or [, but found brush instead. What RAP code would I need to change the brush style?

ChartMan.chart.series[1].SeriesColor:= RGB(10,20,30);
ChartMan.chart.series[1] bsFDiagonal;

Note that I created a sample project in Delphi using a TChart and the same code and it worked. I thought that if the code worked in Delphi then porting the same code to RAP would also work.




  • Note that I am using RB 17.02 and Delphi 10.1 Berlin.
  • I did end up solving this issue so I thought I would post my solution in case anyone has this issue in the future.

    i did not find any direct code that would change the brush style so I ended up creating my own pass-through function where I passed in the chart, the series number, the brush style and the brush color and then used Delphi code to make the change. It works like a charm.


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