EStructuredStorageError - root storage create failed when exporting to Excel


Our customer reported the following error when exporting to Excel:

root storage create failed: Freigabeverletzung aufgetreten
Exception Stacktrace: 
(0063BFA3){print.exe} [00A3CFA3] ppStructuredStorage.TppStructuredStorage.CheckError + $67
(00009859){print.exe} [0040A859] System.@RaiseExcept + $61
(0063BF9E){print.exe} [00A3CF9E] ppStructuredStorage.TppStructuredStorage.CheckError + $62
(0063BD4F){print.exe} [00A3CD4F] ppStructuredStorage.TppStructuredStorage.Create + $97
(00649BD0){print.exe} [00A4ABD0] ppXLSWriter.TppXLSWriter.SaveToFile + $34
(00649C6C){print.exe} [00A4AC6C] ppXLSWriter.TppXLSWriter.SaveToStream + $3C
(0064EF0D){print.exe} [00A4FF0D] ppXLSDevice.TppXLSDeviceBase.InternalEndJob + $E9
(0064F7F5){print.exe} [00A507F5] ppXLSDevice.TppXLSReportDevice.InternalEndJob + $5
(0064EDE0){print.exe} [00A4FDE0] ppXLSDevice.TppXLSDeviceBase.EndJob + $10
(00696F34){print.exe} [00A97F34] ppDevice.TppPublisher.TakeDeviceAction + $D4
(006972E4){print.exe} [00A982E4] ppDevice.TppPublisher.EndJob + $28
(0068A4E3){print.exe} [00A8B4E3] ppProd.TppProducer.FinalizeReport + $2B
(0068A5C7){print.exe} [00A8B5C7] ppProd.TppProducer.PrintToDevices + $BB
(004CBD64){print.exe} [008CCD64] ppArchiv.TppCustomArchiveReader.PrintToDevices + $C
Can you give a hint what is wrong here? What does a EStructuredStorageError mean?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Ralph,

    My guess is the error is due to virus software, insufficient access rights or out of disk space.

    We've never had any reports of this error, the source code has not changed since RB introduced XLS export several versions ago.

    The XLS file specification uses COM Structured Storage - a Microsoft technology for storing hierarchical data within a single file.

    The XLSWriter creates a temp file to write the data and then copies that to final output stream/file.

    The newer Xlsx file format consists of a zip file containing a hierarchical set of xml files. The customer could try using that and test whether the same issue occurs.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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