Preview Window generate an "Out of System Resources" error


I am new here, so let me know if I am not using the proper way to ask about this.

I am trying to find the cause of an "Out of System Resources" error displayed by the preview windows.

If I inspect the messages going through the application main windows. it's trying to restore the size of the preview windows to a width of 65535 pixels. Later, it try to generate the page thumbnails at this size and my system doesn't have the memory for it. I don't know what part of the code generate this message, maybe knowing that could help.

I suspect this size has been stored somewhere on my computer and prevent Report Builder preview to work properly. I tried to delete the registry key of my application but it didn't work. I tried to find a Report Builder, but without luck.

Where should I look to know where this value come from ?

I am using Delphi 10.2, RB 19.03, And Spy++ to spy on windows messages.

Thanks for your help,


  • Hi Jean,

    All information about previous RB states is stored in an .ini file on your machine by default. Unless it has been changed, the default location is ($LocalAppData)\RBuilder\RBuilder.ini (on my machine it is: C:\Users\ncizik\AppData\Local\RBuilder\RBuilder.ini for instance). Take a look at the "Preview Form" section of this file.

    You can alter the type of ini storage and file location from the TppDesigner component.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi Nico,

    Thank you very much, it solved my problem, at the end of the ini file I had :

    [Preview AccessoryToolbar]

    But I deleted it and it's working again.

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