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I'm using ReportBuilder 19.04 in a Delphi application that includes also a proprietary component to collect signatures from signatures pads.
I use ReportBuilder to embed signature fields in forms created by the application.

I noticed a main difference between 19.04 and previous versions: starting from the same rtm, the
/NeedAppearances flag is present and set to true when a PDF is created in 19.04 whereas was previously absent.

The version of the signature collection application I include in my software apparently doesn't support this flag, while a newer version of it does support it. Unfortunately due to licensing issues I prefer to continue shipping that version, at least until I can reasonably can.
I noticed that if I edit the PDF via texteditor and set /NeedAppearances to false, everything works properly and signature is correctly collected in the field.

So, is it possible to set that flag from the report builder interface so that I can keep the new release of RB and the old one of the other software?

Thanks for your time


  • Hi Giuseppe,

    We only have resources to provide tech support to Delphi developers with an active ReportBuilder license. If you meet these requirements, please send license details to support@.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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