Cannot Open File


On a client this error has occurred

Cannot Open File: "C: \ Users \ Admin | AppData \ Local | Temp | rsp9204.tmp".
Access denied

Sometimes the error goes like this:

Cannot Open File: "C: \ Users \ Admin | AppData \ Local | Temp | rsd4b55.tmp".
The file is already in use by another process.

In either case, the .tmp file is renamed each time.

What can it be ?

This only occurs on the client.

RB version: 19
Delphi: 10.1 Berlin

Print like this:

Report.Template.FileName := rtm directory;
Report.DeviceType := 'Screen';

I searched at the forum and found these topics, but it didn't work. :(

Thanks for the help!!


  • Hello!

    We are facing a similar issue.

    When using Report.PrintToDevices.

    Device: TppXLSXReportDevice

    ReportBuilder creates tmp-files in AppData. Is it possible to turn off the file writing?

    In TppXMLElementNode.CreateChildStream a TFileStream is used.

    I would like to set a property like CacheToFile to false to use TMemoryStream instead of TFileStream.


    Per-Erik Ek
  • I also encounter the issue. I am very confirm this issue is related to AntiVirus program installed on the system. For my case, I have Avast and SAntiVirus installed, uninstall both antivirus application and the problem gone. So far, Windows Defender not causing the error.
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