CustomReceipt.DataPipeline Field is losing data and becoming blank when CustomReceipt.PrintReport

As the title suggests, I have a ppReport.tppreport object called CustomReceipt which has 51 fields populated with data via the datapipeline.

Most fields on the report are fine whilst one particular one which populates a dbbarcode object on the report becomes blank.

Delphi code from the application used to test a few theories on the issue:

ShowMessage('Fields = ' +IntToStr(CustomReceipt.DataPipeline.FieldCount)); //returns '51'

ShowMessage(CustomReceipt.DataPipeline.FieldValues['RmsTicketBarcode']); // returns a barcode '098762313149043289'
ShowMessage(CustomReceipt.DataPipeline.FieldValues['ReceiptNumber']); // returns '6'

CustomReceipt.PrintReport; //report prints with data missing

ShowMessage(CustomReceipt.DataPipeline.FieldValues['RmsTicketBarcode']); //returns a blank string!!!! (issue here)
ShowMessage(CustomReceipt.DataPipeline.FieldValues['ReceiptNumber']); //returns '6'
ShowMessage('Fields = ' +IntToStr(CustomReceipt.DataPipeline.FieldCount)); //returns '51'

If I take the dbbarcode out of the equation and just have a dbvariable it does the same thing.

Any ideas I can try to troubleshoot this?

You help is appreciated.


  • Hi Andrew,

    Which version of ReportBuilder and Delphi are you using? Also which DB and connectivity are you currently using to access your data?

    Which events are you using to test for the empty data? If you create a new empty report connected to your data and add a single DBBarcode, do you still get the same behavior?

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi Nico,

    I've just figured out this has nothing to do with an rbuilder issue. Value was being wiped due to another bit of code which is unrelated to rbuilder but does change the datapipeline value.

    Thanks for you prompt reply.
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