Version 19.02 of Rbuilder ignoring report pass setting=one pass upon calling PrintReport for old RB

Hi, I posted the other day about a datapipeline issue and found that it was our code changing the data.

Upon further investigation, I've found that the reason our code is breaking is because PrintReport is now ignoring the pass setting from a version 7.* rbuilder custom report.

The way I know this is if I set the pass setting to two pass on the custom report, the report fails in the same code which uses version 7.* of rbuilder (but it works when it's set to one pass). And I can see it grabbing data for the field values twice in the ver 19.02 code, ie it's doing two passes by default in 19.02).

I've had a google and I've seen people talking about forcing a tppreport to use a passsetting, however I've been unable to get this to work. Ideally, I'd want to be able to just use the pass setting from the custom report and not have to hard code it.

Any ideas on a way around this issue? Thanks.


  • Hi Andrew,

    It appears you have a valid software subscription but are using RB 19.02. I highly recommend updating to the latest version as we do not have the resources to provide extended support (patches, fixes, etc.) for older versions of the product.

    Are you loading templates? If so, you need to be sure the template is saved with a OnePass setting or that you assign this property after the template is loaded.

    If you are not using templates, I suggest commenting out your event code to see where the property is being reset. Another option is to place a break point in the SetPassSetting routine of the TppCustomReport class (ppClass.pas file) to see where this is being set.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
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    Hi Nico,

    Edit: Upgrading our Delphi 7 software to a later version might be the best path.

    We are loading from a template via Report.Template.LoadFromFile;

    Edit: I've just checked the PassSetting and it seems to be set to psOnePass despite the report behaving as if it's set to psTwoPass.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Just another note to this thread, I've found out that for one pass, in our code it grabs the relevant values three times, for two passes, it grabs 6 times whereas the old version matched the pass setting for the number of times. With this in mind, I've adjusted our code and the barcode is printing.
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