Image Resolution

I am creating a report with a TppImage component and loading a bitmap into it, but the resolution isn't good enough.

I am using the LoadFromFile method:
MapImage.Picture.Bitmap.LoadFromFile(MapBMPFile); // MapImage is a TppImage

Should I be using either the Direct Draw method or a PaintBox to draw directly to the canvas? If so, can you give me a good link regarding this? I can't find much info on how to use the PaintBox component.



  • Hi Eric,

    First try setting DirectDraw to True and see if that helps with the resolution.

    1. Is the image showing poor resolution when previewing, printing, PDF, or all?

    2. Are you stretching the image? If stretching, are you enlarging a small image or shrinking a large image?

    3. What type of image are you using? Is this a logo with text and shapes or a photo?

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Nico,
    The DirectDraw didn't help. The poor resolution is showing in the report, as well as in the pdf that gets generated when I create an email. I am "stretching" a large BMP file down to ppImage.

    The image is basically a Google map created with TMS components in Delphi, and saved to a BMP which then get's loaded into the ppImage.

    I will send you a support email with attachments.

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