I have a hughe view with lots of fields for the view in RB_FIELDS
I'm 100% sure all fields are there in RB_FIELD, all are selectanle, but still i don't see them all in report design.

if i do a "select * from rb_field where table_name = 'VRB_FORMULIER_LANG'" i see the field.
But in Delphi, where i select this view, i dont see the field

What could be the reason?



  • Hi Eric,

    The DataDictionary requires the RB_Field and RB_Table datasets to be properly set up before it can function correctly.

    As a first test, try setting Designer.UseDataDictionary to false and see if you are able to access the fields from the query designer. If so, try enabling the DataDictionary again, then ensuring the RB_Table dataset us properly set up. Then you should be able to go to the Query Designer again and create a query with the fields defined in the RBField table.

    Note that the fields added to RB_Field will not automatically be available for use in the report designer, you will need to add a dataset using the data workspace. The RB_Field table is used to limit and/or rename the fields available in the data workspace.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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