PrinterSetup accessing custom driver values

RB 20, Rio 10.3.2

Is there any way to access custom printer driver parameters?

I'm trying to configure an industrial label printer that has "Material" options like Shape ( choices are Fillet or Square to define rounded-corner or square cornered labels. There are also things like "bleed" settings and vert/horiz offets.

I changed the shape from square to fillet and compared a simple dump of the results of populating a "PPrinterInfo2" var with Winapi.WinSpool.GetPrinter(hPrinter, 2, Nil, 0, @bytesNeeded);

I didn't see any changes...

Can you suggest some way I might find those custom params?



  • Hi EdB,

    The Printersetup.DeviceSettings property can be used to control the printer's proprietary features.

    Checkout the RBuilder Help topic for TppPrinterSetup DeviceSettings property.


    From the RBuilder Help...

    Use DeviceSettings to configure a Printer's proprietary features (print quality, color, stapler, etc.)

    At design-time, use the Report Designer's Object Inspector to select the PrinterSetup.DeviceSettings property. Next, press the Edit... button to display the Printer's built-in properties dialog. Prior to closing the dialog press the OK button to save changes. This will cause the PrinterSetup.SaveDeviceSettings property to toggle to True.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
  • What?

    That's too easy...

    How long has that been there?

    I've been using RB for about a dozen years and never came across that...

    (Thanks Nard)
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